Victoria Fire Department receives American Heart Association Award

Victoria Fire Department receives an award from the American Heart Association.

They received the Lifeline EMS Gold Award for their treatment of patients experiencing severe heart attacks.

“We’re excited about the award. The award gives us third party validation on how well we’re helping the community,” says Fire Chief Taner Drake.

This is the department’s third year in a row receiving the award but it’s their first year receiving gold. Last year, the fire department received silver certification and the year before that they received bronze certification.

“This is a collaboration between us and both hospitals,” says Chief Drake. “This is an award for us and them. We have a great relationship with both Detar and Citizens.”

The Victoria Fire Department demonstrates at least 75 percent compliance with the ability to effectively treat patients suffering from heart attacks.

The department uses 12- lead EKGs to get an accurate look at what’s going on in a patient’s heart. Then they transmit the EKG instantly to the hospital so they can assess the heart attack.

A heart block should be relieved in 90 minutes or less after initial medical contact, said Chief Drake. If not, parts of the hearts muscle could die. On average the Victoria fire department relieves a heart block in 57 minutes.

This certification measures the performance of the fire department and hospital and the outcome of the patients.