Victoria family wants ‘Justice for Jacque’ after their dog was put down

"They didn't just destroy him, they destroyed my it crushed me," says Jacque's owner Gage Del Bosque

VICTORIA, Texas – Alyssa and Gage Del Bosque are dealing with the loss of their beloved dog Jacque, who they feel should still be here today. After an accident where Jacque bit a neighbor, animal control put Jacque down, but the Del Bosque family feels as though Jacque’s case was mishandled.

When Jacque got out one day a neighbor helped to catch him but when she picked him up she didn’t know that Jacque had an injury to his back, causing him to bite her lip when she picked him up, which lead to Victoria Animal Control getting involved, which is when things began to take a turn for the worse for the Del Bosque family. We’ve reached out to Victoria Animal Control and are waiting to hear back.

“I never thought it would get this far,” says Gage, who said Jacque’s case moved so fast he didn’t have time to process everything that was happening.

The neighbor expressed that she did not want Jacque to be put down and even took responsibility for the incident, which she expressed in a written letter, but the Del Bosque family feels like animal control didn’t take this into account, and Jacque was still euthanized.

When Victoria Animal Control presented the case to the judge they classified the incident as a serious bodily injury, or SBI, which in most cases will end with the dog being put down. The Health and Safety Code statutes classifies SBI as “…an injury characterized by severe bite wounds or severe ripping and tearing of muscle that would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek treatment from a medical professional and would require hospitalization without regard to whether the person actually sought medical treatment.” You can read the full statute here. The Del Bosque family said that their neighbor only got treatment for her bite, and was not hospitalized, making them wonder why Jacque’s case was classified as SBI. Rather than being considered SBI, the family said Jacque’s case should have been classified as dangerous animal, which would have allowed them to contest the case, possibly saving Jacque’s life.

“They didn’t just destroy him, they destroyed my soul… like it crushed me,” says Gage.

Jacque with the Del Bosque’s baby

The couple is also left with unanswered questions about Jacque’s body or ashes and why he was put down.

“Ashes or anything and nobody’s telling us why…nobody’s explaining anything to us,” says Alyssa.

Megan driver, founder of Saving Animal Lives says why this incident is important for other pet owners to understand what could happen if their pet were to bite someone.

“If your dog never has any offenses, nothing against it, no aggression ever shown, and it bites, do we just kill it? Is that what we do in Victoria, Texas? Because of one incident, one accident we kill them?”, says Driver.

Gage also expressed that the incident has weighed heavily on not just him, but his family now that Jacque is gone.

“Not just my wife and my daughter, but like my mom, my friends, they’re all in outrage, everyone’s hurt, everyone’s crying. My wife shouldn’t have to be strong for me because she’s pregnant, and she shouldn’t be so stressed out because that’s not good for our unborn child,” says Gage.

The Del Bosque family said now they just want answers from Victoria Animal Control on if they’re able to get Jacque’s body or ashes. The family also said that they’ve gotten support for Jacque within the Victoria community, with multiple billboards around town that read “#JusticeForJacque”. They hope to one day create a dog park in Jacque’s honor.