Victoria Family Surprised with New Furniture for the Holidays

Christmas came early for one local family. The yearly holiday Kamin furniture donation was received by a Victoria family.

Joe Losinka shares how he felt when he saw the Kamin furniture parade coming to give his family furniture, clothing, toys, electronics and more.
as a part of the thirty second annual magic of Christmas giveaway.

“When you basically sleep on the floor and eat on the floor off a little coffee table that in itself with new bedding, new dining tables, that in itsself will bring and make a difference in these childrens lives and his,” said Buddy Kamin with Kamin Furniture.

Kamin Furniture along with other sponsors loaded up a truck full of furniture and surprised Joe at his doorstep– losinka is a Marine veteran and a single parent of four children.

“It was overwhelming because I didn’t expect the fire truck and all the vehicles,” said Joe Losinka.” “The kids are really excited about the beds and having a table. The kids enjoy having extra stuff normal stuff.”

Losinka lost his wife Heather to breast cancer in November 2015. He says his children have helped him heal.

“That’s probably been the biggest thing to help me get through it is having the children.” said Joe. “Since I’m responsible for all four of them and they’re going through their own sense of loss and grief I have to make myself available to them and think about whats the best way to address their problems in a healthy manner.”

Losinka and his family are thankful for their new furniture and gifts.

“Thank you for everything and I’d like to add is when people say thank you for our service I’d like to tell them thank you for enjoying your freedom because you have to have both to have a healthy society.”