Victoria family still looking for justice after their catalytic converter is stolen

Laura Salazar says that months after the catalytic converter was stolen from the family car she's worried her case isn't going anywhere

VICTORIA, Texas – Laura Salazar says it’s been over two months since the catalytic converter was stolen from her family van and has yet to hear anything back from the Victoria Police Department on her case, and says she’s beginning to worry the thieves may never be caught. Even though the act was caught on Salazar’s security camera, there have yet to be any leads.

“Basically they have no leads. I’ve sent in the footage, I sent in the videos I had. Nobody’s contacted me, nobody’s told me anything,” says Salazar.

Salazar says that her husband was able to make the car driveable but without a catalytic converter the car burns through gasoline, costing her $20 to $30 a day in gas just to get her kids to school. She says that her children cannot ride the bus because of their proximity to their school. Salazar says that she’s having to miss some of her children’s doctor appointments, some with special needs, because she simply has no way to get there.

“My son has an appointment coming up in Corpus I’m not gonna be able to make it because I don’t have a vehicle to get there. My daughter has an appointment in Houston, I’m not gonna be able to get to it because of my vehicle,” says Salazar.

Salazar says that with her husband recently being laid off the stress of not having a reliable car is mounting, and she is just holding onto hope that the thieves are caught.

This past June governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law making the theft of catalytic converters a felony, but the theft of these car parts remains high.

It’s recommended that you park your car in a garage or well-lit area, and have some sort of security system installed in your car to deter thieves.

If you recognize the car from Salazar’s security camera footage or have any information regarding the theft of a catalytic converter please call Victoria Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200.