Victoria Family Hopes to Revive Child ID’ing Service

The abduction of a child can be a real fear for parents. A Victoria family asks for help to bring a child identifying program back to life. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has the story.

“There’s a tremendous amount of kids that are reported lost within a year. It’s over 800,000 children are reported lost just in this country.”

A statistic that created fear for new parents, Cindy and Michael as they welcomed their new baby boy to the world nine years ago. Their solution? Becoming better prepared parents and launching Breadcrumbs, a child ID’ing service.

“A bunch of emotions gong on, we just had a son, and kind of felt like the right thing to do, a business that helped with kids as far as keeping them safe” adds Michael.

Now a father of two, Michael Leas recalls a childhood tragedy which also molded this project. Back in 2000, a family friend from his hometown of Warren, Massachusetts was abducted at the age of 16. Missing for 3 years, her remains were found in he woods, a time in his early life that marked him forever.

“I just remember seeing her mom, and I was just heartbroken, for years” says Mr. Leas.

Breadcrumbs uses finger scanning technology to gather crucial information needed when a child is missing.

The information saved electronically can save multiple details, something unavailable through the old fashioned paper and ink way

“With breadcrumbs it’s all that information saved onto a flash drive, but because its flash drive, you can save a lot more information” notes Mr. Leas.

Medical conditions, pictures, and even notes on child behavior can be added. Each device can store information for a whole family.

The leas family set up at community events, daycare’s, and knocked on doors to make sure people knew of this service, however in 2015, Breadcrumbs came to a halt.

“We literally had to swim out of of our house- so unfortunately the breadcrumbs computer system was completely flooded” says Michael.

Even with this setback, the Leas family hopes to revive this service in Victoria, with the help of the community.

Michael adds, “we don’t want to give up on it 100% because it’s so important, we really believe this is something that is good for families. It’s such a simple thing to do that can really help families.”

The Leas family currently has many Breadcrumbs flash drives and part of the computer system. However with recent changes and their move to Victoria, the business and services are not available.

Leas family hopes that with the help of the community can help. Michael Leas is available at