Victoria entering Stage 2 drought conditions later than usual

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria entered stage two of the city’s drought contingency plan Tuesday. Area ranchers are bracing themselves for a hay-less winter.

Some tips to conserve water include watering plants and washing boats by bucket, watering the lawn between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. additionally commercial establishments are encouraged to reschedule automatic sprinklers in case they are currently set at peak hours. 

Ken Gill, City of Victoria Public Works Director and City Engineer, said the last time Victoria entered Stage 2 drought conditions was about two years ago.

“It is unusual to have this going starting in November,” Gill said. “The river is very low compared to what it typically this time of the year, it’s not just rain in Victoria, we need rain in the entire basin.”

If drought conditions continue into the Spring, boat ramps at the Guadalupe River could close. 

Gill said these small changes can help avoid entering Stage 3 precautions, which Victoria has never entered.