Victoria Emergency Management provides severe weather tips

VICTORIA, Texas- When it comes to severe weather, every second counts. With the spring severe weather season fast approaching, it’s good to figure out your severe weather plan now. Richard McBrayer, Emergency Management Coordinator with Victoria City/County has tips on making that plan.

One of the fist tips is to find a safe location to protect yourself from the elements. “If you don’t believe that location is secure to ride out the wind event, you need to seek other shelter. Tornadic activity is a special situation. When the warnings come out, you have to take immediate action so get to the lowest floor of your home, if you’re in a mobile home, try and get to a more secure location like a neighbors house or public area,” McBrayer says.

Some other tips on making a severe weather plan is keep supplies in your safe space, such as water, flashlights, blankets, and hard soled shoes. Keep a functioning NOAA weather radio, and have multiple ways to receive a warning.