Victoria Elections Administration halting removal of voters from voting rolls

On Monday, January, 28th, the Texas Secretary of State’s office encouraged the Victoria County Elections Department to verify the citizenship status of 128 registered voters who live in Victoria County.

Acting in good faith based upon that information, notices were mailed giving the recipients 30 days within which to provide proof of citizenship before possibly being removed from the voting rolls.

The following day, the Victoria County Election Department was notified by the Secretary of State that 29 of the 128 registered voters should not have been flagged for review.

In light of the recent changes made to the original list, the Elections Administrator, Vicki Vogel has opted to cease the removal of any voters from the local voting rolls until the Election Department can be certain that they have received accurate information from the Secretary of State’s office.

“We view each citizen’s right to vote as a fundamental privilege and do not take lightly any action that may improperly infringe upon that right” said Vicki Vogel.