Victoria East Titans band heads to Weslaco for U.I.L. competition

Parents and family members cheer on the Titans as they load onto the buses



VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria East Titans band is heading to Weslaco this afternoon for U.I.L. area competition.

Last week, the band made straight ones in U.I.L. competition, they’re looking to keep that momentum going this weekend.

Parents and family members came by the band hall to cheer on the band with signs as they loaded their instruments and equipment.

East Titans Band Director, Carlos Gonzalez, says they’re excited to compete but its not all about the competition.

“So for me, competition is one thing but my most important goal for our kids to have a good time, love music and get the opportunity to share music with everyone else, that’s why we do this, it’s not about trophies, it’s not about winning, it’s about loving what you do and having the best time,” says Gonzalez.

If the Titans place in the top 10 this weekend, they’ll immediately compete again in the same competition to make the top 5, if the Titans make the top 5, they’ll move on to U.I.L. state competition.

Good luck to the East Titans!