Victoria East High School offers Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Certification

Two-week ESB Cert Camp courses available now

VICTORIA, Texas -Victoria East High School is now offering students the opportunity to earn an Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Certification through a two-week ESB Cert Camp course.

Students attending school face-to-face are taking the course on campus, while remote learners are attending through TEAMS. In order to successfully complete the ESB Certification, students must validate their skills and knowledge with working in a skill trade profession as their own boss and have ESB career ambitions. Students have to ensure that they are college and career ready, and satisfy one of the College, Career and Military Readiness requirements for graduation.

“Obtaining the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification expands opportunities for students in both post-secondary education and the workforce,” explained ESB Cert Camp Instructor Amy Alexander. “This program provides students an additional tool to plan for their
future success after graduation.”

For the first ESB Cert Camp, thirty-two students are enrolled.