Victoria East High School graduates recognize teachers with Titan Impact Award & Golden Apple Award

Here are the list of teachers who were recognzied

VICTORIA, Texas – Past teachers, who have made a lasting impact during their educational careers, and current Victoria East High School teachers are recognized by East HS graduates.

The Top Ten Graduations for East HS, who were recognized in March with the Victoria Independent School District Board of Trustees Awards of Excellence, have selected a former K-12 teacher. The teacher is someone who worked with them at some level while in school and made a lasting impact in their life.

The Top Ten Graduates were chosen based on their academic standing and conduct. This is the first year those graduates will recognize teachers who impacted their lives.

“The Titan Impact Award is about celebrating our teacher leaders who are making a measurable impact on others and are making a positive lasting change,” said East HS Principal Justin Gabrysch. “So often, teachers do not see the impact they have created in a student’s life and this is one way to recognize the value in being called a “Teacher.”

Teachers being recognized with the Titan Impact Award are:

  • Mrs. Dana Havel, nominated by Julie Diebel. Mrs. Havel taught Diebel Algebra II in the 9th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Mrs. Amy Alexander, nominated by Kristen Balentine. Mrs. Alexander taught Balentine Principles of Information Technology in the 9th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Ms. Aubrey Bleier, nominated by Kinsey Faltysek. Ms. Bleier taught Faltysek Tennis in 10th, 11th and 12th grades and AP Physics in 12th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Mrs. Aubrey Lopez, nominated by Seth Stines. Mrs. Lopez taught Stines Pre-AP Chemistry in 10th grade and AP Chemistry in 11th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Mr. Nick Fabbro, nominated by Grant McIntosh. Mr. Fabbro taught McIntosh Advanced Academic Skills in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades and AP U.S. History in 11th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Mrs. Debra Rhodes, nominated by Aliyah Davis. Mrs. Rhodes taught Davis Biology in the 9th grade at Liberty High School.
  • Mrs. Claire Klinkerman, nominated by Karina Flores. Mrs. Klinkerman taught Flores Math in the 7th grade and Algebra 1 in the 8th grade at Howell Middle School.
  • Mr. Phillip Welder, nominated by Kyle Yang. Mr. Welder taught Yang Band in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade at V.E.H.S.
  • Mr. Richard Zurfluh, nominated by Allison Soester. Zurfluh taught Soester AP English Language in the 11th grade here at V.E.H.S.
  • Mr. Bryan Winn, nominated by Justin Chung. Winn taught Chung AP Computer Science in the 12th grade here at V.E.H.S.

Continuing the tradition for its third year, East HS is recognizing the Golden Apple Awards, an award that is 100% student nominated. All students can participate by nominating a current East HS teacher for a category that fits them best.

On Friday, May 14, each teacher was awarded their themed Golden Apple at the beginning of each class period throughout the day.

The following teachers were voted for the following categories:

Most inviting Classroom – Bret Brewster
Best Laugh – Angela Vangundy
Best Lessons – Coach Chaput
Most Memorable Teacher – John Davis
Most Spirit – Mike Smith
Best Mentor – Nick Fabbro
Most Caring – Troy Johnson
Best Dressed – Richard Zurfluh
Best Personality – Melody Balli
Most Likely to Prepare Me for College – Tammy Medlin
Most Sass – Racquelle Mostrom
Best Attendance – Stephanie Lambert
Best Smile – Kyle Craft
Most Friendly Teacher – Dan Pooley
MVT (Most Valuable Teacher) – Johnathan Sixtos
The following Golden Apple Awards are voted on by campus administration:
Rookie of the Year (new category) – Madison Flynn
Teacher of the Year – Amy Alexander, Principles of Applied Engineering/Principles of
Information Technology