Victoria earns designation as a film-friendly community

Victoria joins more than 130 Film Friendly Texas Communities. The Texas Film Commission in the Office of the Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism Division has attracted $1.5 billion in local spending and 154,000 production jobs across the state from 2007 to 2019.

It’s a new designation that could not only bring more film productions to Victoria but also more jobs.

Anthony Pedone, Executive Director for Film ExChange – a local film collaborative, says he feels Victoria has been film friendly the last couple years but that the new designation will help.

“I mean, yeah, for my film specifically, An American in Texas it was great to be able to do an autobiographical story and get to come back to the place where we actually ran the streets and acted crazy and just to be able to recreate those moments was amazing and with the ability with T. Michael O’Connor letting us use the jails, and getting to use DeTar Hospital and property from the University of Houston, all of those organizations will be key to continuing doing larger films and more films, these are locations that are hard to come by and Victoria just kind of has this timeless feel,” Pedone said.

Pedone operates the Rosebud Records, Grill and Theater in downtown Victoria – and he also organizes an annual film festival. This spring will be its 9th year running.

“April 16 through the 19th and then we’re going to do a re-run of all the best films the following weekend during Art Car, JamFest at the Rosebud,” Pedone said. “It’s downtown Victoria and it’ll be the ninth year and there will be 30-40 films and 10-15 directors come to town actors and actresses and producers so come down and network and find out what it’s all about.”