Victoria dog owner seeks justice after dog’s attack

A Victoria dog owner is calling for justice after a man attacked his dog with a knife.

Owner Orlando Cantu says his dog, Skyline, was walking with Cantu’s employee near his business Monday afternoon when his dog approached a stranger. The man began yelling expletives at them, saying “F*** dogs!” and berating the employee and Cantu’s dog before taking a knife and slashing Skyline’s throat.

Thanks to the quick actions of those around, Skyline was safely taken to a local pet hospital where veterinarians saved her life. The man behind the attack escaped before he could be apprehended.

“People need to do something about it!” exclaimed Cantu. “You know, we can’t just let somebody like that run around just because they don’t like dogs and try to go killing them. I mean, what if he didn’t like kids? It’s one of those things where we just have to come together as a group and everybody come together as one and figure out what we need to do to make stuff like that not happen again. You know, prevent it from happening again.”

Skyline is resting well after the attack and should make a full recovery. If you have any information on who attacked Skyline, please contact the Victoria Police Department by calling 911.