Victoria Crime Prevention Unit Hosts Active Shooter Classes

“The more people that are trained the less devastating the results would be from a shooter.”
“Active shooter training is really important. Especially with all of the activity that we’ve seen in the united states now a days.” For residents in Victoria, being prepared for an active shooter situation is important. Residents say you never know when training and knowledge will come in handy.
“I think it’s important for me and my wife, to know what to do in the event that we’re in the mall or Wal Mart or somewhere, that we know how to react to an active shooter situation,” says Victoria resident Roy Balerio. “I think taking classes like this is a good start, getting your concealed hand gun license, and being trained,” said Victoria resident David Gisler. The Victoria Police Department crime prevention unit is hosting active shooter classes. To teach the community how to handle active shooter incidents.
residents learn tactics on how to stay alive in these situations.
“We had the incident in Orlando, which makes it painfully clear that these incidents are going to continue. The problem is we never know when they’re going to happen, and we never know where they’re going to happen, so we got to be prepared all the time,” says Victoria PD Officer John Turner Police will continue to work with the community to plan and prepare, just in case.
“We don’t want to think about it, but we have to. It’s a fact of life that we have to deal with now a days. Its something we need to keep in our minds all the time.”