Victoria County’s first female District Attorney gives an update on the justice system

DA Constance Filley Johnson spoke for the first time since being elected as District Attorney to the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber invited me to give the community an update on the accomplishments that we achieved in the District Attorney’s office since I took office on January 1 st ,” said Constance Filley Johnson, the Victoria County District Attorney.

Johnson said that seeking justice was her number one concern when she took office. She also wasn’t interested in anyone with a 100% conviction rate because criminal justice is not about numbers. It’s about having a team that has good communication.

“My team is the best and the brightest that Victoria County has to offer, and they’re working very hard to serve our community and I expect wonderful things from them in the future,” said DA Johnson.

DA Johnson’s case disposition numbers have shown that her team has closed more than 1,500 cases. She said “we are getting more done with less” we are putting $54,288 back into the general fund”. I spoke with Christine Blain, the Chamber of commerce Interim President about her thoughts on DA Johnson’s service to the community.

“I think she’s doing a wonderful job for our community as you can see the numbers we’re speaking for themselves, and that was all part of her campaign promise, and so I really do think that she is fulfilling it,” said Blain.

Meanwhile, DA Johnson is currently working with UHV to establish a plan to hold students accountable for their minor indiscretions, but allow them to move forward without a criminal conviction.