Victoria County to hold public hearing to discuss 2019 county budget

The Victoria County Commissioners are inviting the public to discuss the county’s 2019 budget on September 10th at the County Courthouse.

The county will hold the public hearing to accept any last minute feedback and inform the public on the details of next year’s budget, which include a three percent reduction in taxes. Judge Pro Temp Clint Ives says the tax reduction, along with a balanced budget, will lead to a better local economy in 2019.

“When the taxpayers are paying less to local government, that will have a direct impact on your local economy,” explained Judge Pro Temp Ives. “When the taxpayers have more money in their pockets, they’ve got more money to do with as they please. And, so, we should see that in the following years. “

Barring any major changes or setbacks, the county will officially adopt the final 2019 budget during their Commissioner’s Court meeting on September 17th.

You can read more on the proposed tax rates as well as the current State of the County by following this link here.