Victoria County sprays for mosquitoes

The Victoria County Parks and Recreation is working to combat mosquitoes in the city.

Starting Monday evening crews from Victoria Parks and Rec are beginning three days of mosquito fogging.

All the rain this year has left room for mosquitoes to breed.

Crew members from Victoria Parks and Rec will go throughout the city during the evenings and mornings to help eliminate the bugs.

The Parks and Rec Department plans to grid the city and go in shifts.

“That’s why we go out early in the mornings and late in the evenings,” Danielle Williams, Assistant Director at Victoria County Parks and Recreation said. “Because that’s when they are the most out and about so we try to kill as many as we can while they are active and flying around.”

After it rains, Parks and Rec larvicides standing water around the city, but if they still receives calls or notice large amounts of mosquitoes, they go ahead and spray.

The mosquito fog only affects fully grown mosquitoes, but the larvae grow in standing water.
While the city is focusing on live mosquitoes, community members can do their part to help manage the mosquito larvae growing in their yards.

“That’s what we hope to do ultimately is kill as many as we can, but of course without the help of the community and trying to eliminate standing water in your yards and taking extra measures that way, we can’t get them all, so we do ask that everybody try to do their part,” Williams said.

Mosquitoes can breed in still bodies of water as small as a bottle cap, so it’s important to treat bird baths, pet dishes, fish ponds and even pools.

Williams added that as an extra precaution, when residents see Parks and Rec out spraying they should stay in their homes until it is complete.

Click here to see the city’s tips on how to deal with mosquitoes.