Victoria County Sheriffs still searching for two illegal immigrants in suspected bailout

The Victoria County Sheriff’s office has apprehnded one suspected illegal immigrant from the area of McCoy and Pickering roads; as reported on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

After conducting a ground and air search, using drones, the deputies have not been able to locate the other two who fled from the train.

It is unclear whether the remaining illegal immigrants have been picked up by cartel scouts or if they are on foot in the area.

The VCSO Patrol Division will keep a lookout for activity in the area.

However, we would like to remind residents in the area to ensure that their homes and outbuildings are locked, that all keys are removed from vehicles and motorized equipment, and if anyone should come into contact with one of the subjects of this search, do not attempt to apprehend them.

Call the Sheriff’s Office to report sightings or other suspicious activity at (361) 575-0651.

Chief Deputy Roy Boyd with the Victora County Sheriff’s Office has confrimed that they are no new updates regarding the incident. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.