Victoria County Sheriff’s Office receives a grant to fight drug & human trafficking

The Victoria County Commissioners approved the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office receiving a grant from the federal government.

The Sheriff’s Office received the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas grant for the purpose of border security.

“Victoria County is one of the HIDTA counties in South Texas, as a result we qualify for specific grants to help us fight drug trafficking,” tells Chief Deputy Roy Boyd.

The grant funds a HIDTA analyst to help the Victoria County Sheriff’s office combat drug and human trafficking.

“We have someone who gathers intel and helps us use that intel in order to fight trafficking from trans national criminal organizations who use Victoria as a choke point to try and get to Houston and distribute drugs throughout our region,” Chief Deputy Boyd says.

The grant will continue funding the sheriff’s office over time, which Chief Deputy Roy Boyd says will help them fight the growing drug and human trafficking crisis.

“Understanding that crime has changed over the years and therefore we must change our model of policing. All the counties around us are coming together, and we are forming a conglomeration of law enforcement. This will be a force multiplier in our efforts to go after those who are willing to spread their poison to our communities,” declares Chief Deputy Boyd.

Boyd says the old Fire Station One will be used as a command center for the regional task force.

“As a base of operation for the regional task force, this is a vital importance, we appreciate the courts support on ensuring that project gets done,” Boyd adds.

Boyd adds the taskforce has already been putting together operational plans and they will see action in the near future.

“But what you will find is most of our operations from the task force are covert and most people wont even know they are happening. There will be things happening in the shadows working in the drug trade, trying to curtail some of that activity,” exclaims Boyd.

Boyd tells me he wants law enforcement to step up to fight these criminal organizations so they don’t quote “sell poison to the children in the community”.