Victoria County Sheriffs Office Hopes to Increase It Patrol Force, Thanks to A New Grant

If approved, this grant will put more officers on patrol
Victoria County officials hope that a new grant from the Department of Justice will help to expand the county’s patrol officers.
If approved, Victoria County judge Ben Zeller says that the grant would pay for four new officers in the department. With the grant covering the first three years and then the county would take over after that. Zeller also says that these officers would be put to good use.
“These would be licensed peace officers in the sheriffs patrol division. They would be deputies, out patrolling the streets, looking to prevent crime. They would also have a specific focus of stopping in on some of our elementary schools, to make sure we have an adequate enforcement presence there,” said Zeller.
Zeller says that the deadline to apply for the grant is within the next few weeks, with the county planning to have their application materials submitted within that time.