Victoria County Sheriff’s Office conducts search warrant in relation to Bloomington shooting

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Crime Unit is conducting a search warrant on San Antonio Ave. in Bloomington Wednesday afternoon.

This is related to the shooting that VPD and VSCO responded to on Wednesday March 27th.

Chief Deputy Roy Boyd is at the scene with the crime unit. “What we’re doing here today is we’re conducting a search warrant in conjunction with the investigation into the recent shooting here in Bloomington. Our investigation into that matter continues and as part of that investigation and we’ve come back to execute a search warrant at the location here on 63 San Antonio Ave.,” said Chief Deputy Boyd.

After the shooting in March, one woman was hurt and taken to Citizens Medical Hospital, where she was treated and released.
Three suspects were arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Court documents stated corporal Jordan Flores observed Augustine Baladez, Sr. (47 year old) involved in a verbal altercation with Lucas Saenz (23 year old). Then Flores heard gunshots coming from that direction. That’s when Deputy Davis and Flores arrested Baladez Jr. (18 year old), Augustine Baladez Sr., and Lucas Saenz.

“The investigation into that matter has not stopped since the night of the shooting. Our investigators have been working on this thing seven days a week. And as a result, they obtained some information and we’ve come here to collect some evidence in that case so we can ensure justice is done for the good people of Bloomington,” Boyd continues.

Chief Deputy Boyd stated that while they can’t divulge exactly what they are looking for in the search he did say “we are here looking for a specific item and hopefully we’ll be able to find that at this location.”

There is no present or immediate danger to the public in Bloomington.