Victoria County Sheriff race raises concerns over candidate campaign

VICTORIA, Texas- Early voting is underway and one of the runoff elections that has caught many people’s attention is that of the Victoria County Sheriff. 

The use of certain images for campaigns led to various emails and calls to our newsroom.

As campaigning peaks through early voting leading to the runoff election July 14th, the close race for sheriff between Justin Marr and Dale Fowler lit up on social media.

A flyer by candidate Fowler shows an image of himself with some members of the Texas Sheriff’s Regional Collaborative, suggesting an endorsement.

“I reached out to several of those sheriffs and it was my understanding talking to three or four different ones that, that photo was not meant to be an endorsement, the coalition does not endorse either candidate either way,” explains Justin Marr, candidate for Victoria County Sheriff and opponent of Dale Fowler.

Some sheriffs have made public posts about this, several stating there is no intent of endorsement and adding they’re eager to work alongside either candidate once elected by the people.

Fowler provided a short written statement saying in part, “I asked the sheriffs to take a photo with me. I thought it was clear that I would use the photo in campaign information. Some chose not to be in the photo, and I assumed any of the others would have done the same if they had concerns. The photo is intended to show that I  have the ability to work with a variety of office holders…  I  seek to maintain a positive relationship with all these sheriffs.”

The photo was taken at a meeting where Fowler was a guest. Both candidates continue to campaign as election day inches closer.

“The voters that are really up on the fence about it, I  think they should reach out to the candidates and ask them the hard questions,” says Marr.