Victoria County Re-Paves Brentwood subdivision roadways

“They’re horrible. They try to just patch them but every time it rains the patches come out so its still like running over a washboard,” Victoria Resident, James Harrison said. Victoria residents James and Diane Harrison live in Brentwood and have a business in the subdivision. They say their customers complain about the roads. “They have complained about the roads being bumpy and holes in them,” James Harrison said. Victoria County Commissioner Clint Ives says road repairs were much needed.
“They’re in poor condition. There’s a lot of pot holes, a lot of base failure and there’s a lot of sections where the seal coat has unraveled so its been a long time coming,” Victoria County Commissioner, Clint Ives said.
Victoria County and Brannan Paving Company started repaving the roads Monday morning and will repave the entire subdivision. “I think its wonderful, they need to,” James Harrison said. “I’m very excited. Its going to be nice,” Diane Harrison said.
Victoria County Commissioner Ives says he expects the construction to be complete in 3 weeks weather permitting. “Just as long as it gets done we’re going to be really happy and we’ll put up with any inconvenience there is,” James Harrison said. The road re-pavement should last for the next 10 to 15 years.