Victoria County Precinct 3 and 4 Commissioners Plan For New Year

Major changes are coming to Precinct three and four in Victoria County to start off the new year.
As for Precinct 3 Commissioner Gary Burns, a major concern is to repair several roads in the area.

“This year we’re already starting. And we’re going to start getting some roads ready. I’m probably going to do more roads then we’ve ever done in the past 12 years,” says Burns.

Burns plans to complete the road work he began last year.

“Timberline is one we started on last year. We really want to do those roads. We’re going to be jumping all over the precinct,” he says.

Road projects also happen to be a concern for precinct four commissioner Clint Ives.

“For 2017 we’ll hit the ground running with our pavement improvement plan. We’ll continue to aggressively pave the gravel roads that we have in the precinct,” Ives says.

He says there is heavier traffic driving through county roads in the area and he’s preparing to resolve the issue.

“We’ll continue to look at drainage projects, and stretching pennies as best as we can to give tax payers the most bang for their buck,” says Ives.

Both commissioners are looking forward to completing these projects for the betterment of the community.