Victoria County Precinct 1 and 2 Commissioners Plan For New Year

It’s the start of the new year, Victoria County Commissioners are planning for major changes in 2017.

For Precinct One Commissioner Danny Garcia, a major concern is to solve a litter issue on State Highway 185 and US Highway 87. As trucks head to the landfill near Bloomington, trash tends to fall out onto the roadways. He says TxDot has agreed to provide funds to help with this issue.

“Sheriff O’Connor and Chief Boyd have agreed to allow us to use inmates to come out to help with that litter problem. So that’s one program that I’m really proud of,” Garcia says.

Residents say litter is an ongoing issue in the area and they often have to take the time to pick up the trash themselves.

“We’ll spend one day or two days a week on one of our golf carts to go pick up the trash,” says resident Kent Serivner.

Over in precinct two, Commissioner Kevin Janak will begin the construction of three bridges in the fall. these bridges are located on Rabb road, Oliver road, and Tibiletti road.

“It’s a good chance that both bridges will be out at the same time. Which is going to be a big inconvenience,” Janak says.

Local resident Brad Blanton says the bridge has been a major safety issue. He and several others donated their property to the county in order for construction to take place.

“It’s a one lane bridge and really close wrecks daily. People have to stop at the last minute,” says Blanton.

Both commissioners say these projects will make a huge impact in the community.