Victoria County potential site for new $5.56 billion refinery in Bloomington

During construction the project would create 1,250 construction jobs and then 423 permanent jobs

VICTORIA COUNTY, Texas – 25 News Now has learned Victoria County is one of two potential sites for a new $5.56 billion refinery with the other site being Payne County and Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  Prairie Energy Partners, a wholly owned company of Southern Rock Energy Partners, has submitted a Chapter 313 Agreement application with the Bloomington I.S.D. to select Victoria County as the project site, it is imperative Prairie Energy Partners secures the Chapter 313 Agreement.

Prairie Energy Partners is looking at Bloomington because the area crude supply and refined products distribution assets, the diversified work force and training programs, and stakeholder support.

The refinery would involve a 250,000-bpd next generation crude refinery to process shale crudes primarily from the Eagle Ford and Permian Basins into cleaner transportation fuels which significantly reduces and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.

During construction the project would create 1,250 construction jobs. Once established the new refinery would create 423 permanent jobs. In email correspondence a spokesperson with Southern Rock Energy Partners said the project would provide many benefits to the area.

“A project of this magnitude and scope would provide generational opportunities for the County and surrounding area including economic prosperity, a diversified tax base, improvements to the educational systems, infrastructure (road, bridges, water and sewer lines, and drainage) improvements, and employment opportunities to the many,” said Steven Ward.

Upon successful negotiations and execution of tax and economic incentives and project financing, it is anticipated final site selection will be made by the end of the year, 2022 and construction beginning in 2023.