Victoria County political chairs weigh in on SB-1

Democratic Party Chair and Republican Party Chair share their beliefs on the bill

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, Sept. 7, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1 into law. Victoria County political chairs weigh in on the bill.

The Texas Tribune reports the bill is getting rid of drive-thru voting and bans the distribution of unsolicited applications for mail-in ballots. Consequently, a voter who has a defected mail-in ballot can have an opportunity to correct their vote.

Victoria County political chairs – Democratic Party Chair Woodrow Wilson Wagner disagrees with bill

Newly Democratic Party Chair, Woodrow Wilson Wagner, said he has a problem with the bill.

“I think my problem with the bill in general is that it’s predicated on a very false premise that there’s wide-scale voter fraud and that the elections are somehow rigged. That they’re not fair,” said Wilson Wagner. “My response to that is ‘Where’s the proof?'”

According to Wilson Wagner, he doesn’t agree with the bill getting rid of drive-thru voting, especially during a pandemic.

“All the provisions in the new SB-1, that’s the one that really concerns me the most because it’s making voting more difficult for people who maybe that was the only way they could do it. Was a drive-thru situation, because they have a very busy life, or they are not able to go inside. And especially during Covid, people have concerns about being exposed to the virus,” Wilson Wagner said.

Republican Party Chair Bill Pozzi supports bill

On the other hand, Republican Party Chair Bill Pozzi said he is happy to see the bill go into law.

“Oh I’m very glad that the governor signed the bill into a law because I think unless we have voter integrity – the whole system will crumble,” said Pozzi. “I think Texas is leading the way in an honest election.”

Pozzi expressed his appreciation on the bill tackles the issue of mail-in voting ballots. He also believes the bill will benefit every voter, despite their political party affiliation.

“So we have honesty in mail in voting,” said Pozzi. “I’m so happy that this has passed and expands the voter rights for everybody. Republican, Democrat, Green – whatever your party. It’s really a good thing for us in Texas.”

Both Wilson Wagner and Pozzi plan to continue following the elections law as it goes through the U.S. judicial system.