Victoria County Officials Advise Community To Avoid Burning Trash

“Be aware of what your fire is doing and be very mindful of it,” Victoria County Sheriff Deputy, Bryan Simons said.

Victoria County Deputy Bryan Simons shares a tip on how you can control your trash burn. Victoria County Fire Marshall office and Sheriff’s office warn you to avoid burning your trash and if you need to burn, take caution. Dry grass has become a threat to Victoria County.

“What happened about two weeks ago we had a freeze. When the freeze occurred it killed all of the grass that was above ground. With that grass above ground being dead we’ve had high winds and it immediately dried out all that grass. Its created the perfect conditions for fire,” Victoria County Sheriff Deputy, Bryan Simons said.

Officials say there are several ways to help you keep your fire under control when burning your trash.

“Cut the grass around the area that you’re going to burn as short as you possibly can, create a fire break that minimizes the threat to an immediate area of spreading and try not to burn something that’s going to cause embers,” he said.

Simons stresses if you need to burn trash to monitor the fire closely.