Victoria County obtain legal representation in ongoing voter fraud lawsuit

Victoria County Commissioners have approved a contract with Allison, Bass and Magee to represent the county in their ongoing voter fraud lawsuit.

Texas State of Secretary David Whitley is accused of releasing between fifty and sixty-five thousand names of residents he believed were voting illegally.

The Texas League of United Latin American citizens filed a lawsuit against the lone star state in February 2019, claiming the state cast a cloud of suspicion on the democratic process and stoked public fears of noncitizen voting.

Victoria County chose the law firm to help navigate the legal waters of this unprecedented case.

“They have the expertise in this field,” explained Judge Pro Tem Kevin Janak. “And so, we rely on the individuals out there that will serve the best interest of the county.”

Victoria County joins the State of Texas and more than 100 counties that has been accused of illegally removing residents from their voter rolls.

It is unclear if and when the lawsuit will go to trial.