Victoria County leaves ‘Commercial Restoration Company’ in the hands of their legal council

VICTORIA, Texas- For the last year, Victoria County commissioners have been at a constant back and forth with Virtus, a restoration company that did work in the county following hurricane Harvey. That company, now known as ‘Commercial Restoration Company’ (CRC), was responsible for millions of dollars worth of work and commissioners continued to ask for proof.

“I’m kind of questioning if I’ll even be alive as long as we continue to wait, because it’s moving at a stale pace, and we need to get this resolved,” says Commissioner Kevin Janak as he opened the floor to discussion.

In a last attempt, Victoria county sent a letter on April 13th with a 10 day deadline for CRC to submit documentation requested as far back as November 2019.  

“The auditor and the small group is not satisfied, on the information that was received in the ten day period, the ten day period is up,” says Commissioner Clint Ives. 

CRC was represented by an attorney in Monday mornings meeting. As a result, the county decided to let their legal council spearhead this billing disagreement.

“We have been involved with this for over a year- and [we should] back out. We should not be responding to an attorney without representation, it is 100% legal from this point forward,” adds Commissioner Ives.

You may ask what those requests look like, Victoria county is asking for:

1.detailed explanation of invoices

2. a scope of work for each project on county buildings

3. verification of actual work performed and completed

“This style, this type of business, is one that I would not recommend,” concluded Janak. 

A vote was reached unanimously to get Victoria county’s legal team and attorney involved. The forensic audit that was planned should not be impacted.