Victoria County Judge addresses his goal for property taxes in 2021

VICTORIA, Texas– Victoria County has seen a decline in this year’s budget due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The property tax rate is a huge concern to homeowners in the community, Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller tells us his goal for 2021 property tax rates.

“We’re experiencing some revenue shortfalls, but once again the court prioritizes the interest of our taxpayers. We went into this and are going into this with the goal of not increasing the tax rate,” said Ben Zeller, Victoria County Judge.

Judge Zeller says this means the county will reduce cost on the operations so that the county can keep the property tax rate the same.

“The draft budget that I proposed to the court is S40.7M that’s based on a tax rate of 39.59 cents, which is one of the lower rates in the state and we prioritize keeping it that way,” said Zeller.

Victoria County has faced some challenges due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, such as a loss of jobs and a slow down in the oil fields. This has impacted the community in major ways.

“We are addressing those challenges and those shortfalls by a reduction in expenses as the biggest mechanism to balance the budget,” said Zeller.

The County will have two public hearings on the budget and tax rate on August 31st and September 8th during the normal commissioner’s court meeting.