Victoria County Jail standards in question

Victoria County Sheriffs Office updates on jail standards after the state hands out list of infractions

VICTORIA, Texas- Throughout the past year, the Victoria county jail has worked towards meeting state assigned standards for the facility.

“As a result of [an] inspection we had a handful of infractions that were handed down to us, and they (state of Texas) requests an action plan and to ask what we are going to do about those infractions,” explains Victoria County Sheriffs Office (VCSO) Chief Deputy Roy Boyd. 

Water damage and mold have been on that list of infractions for quite some time. In 2018, Newscenter 25 visited the jail, where it was evident, however, VCSO claims the mold is non toxic and an action plan is in place.

“We’ve done quite a bit of work on it, there’s no danger to anyone inside the facility as a result of it. We’ve had the comprehensive testing, we’ve taken the action we need to. We should have that rectified in a very short period of time,” adds Boyd.

Another concern is the process of medical attention within the jail. After parting ways with a contracted health care facility, UTMB (The University of Texas Medical Branch), last year, the county jail is now responsible for providing medical services to inmates.

“Part of the inspection revealed that when UTMB left our facility, they took medical records that should have been left behind in the jail. We’re currently working with UTMB to try and obtain those medical records and put them back in their correct place there inside the jail,” explains Boyd.

VCSO now works closely with Citizens Medical Center in Victoria to provide further medical attention.

Monthly reports will reflect if jail standards for Victoria county will be met.