Victoria County Jail mold remediation set to start next month

Victoria County Commissioners approved the first phase of removing the mold at the jail.

Back in December 2018 the Victoria County Jail received a notice that they were not in compliance with the jail standards.

They were given a 12-month notice to correct the issue.

The commissioners decided to receive proposals from different companies putting in their bid to fix the mold issues.

“We’ve had a committee review all the proposals we’ve gotten, and they’ve made a recommendation of a particular company that we are going to use,” says Ben Zeller, County Judge.

Monday, Commissioners approved Gerloff Incorporated as the company they will use to carry out the jail mold remediation. But before that they will have to clear certain hurdles.

“It’s a little more of a complex issue being that this is a secure county jail. Its not like we can have contractors show up whenever they want. There is security protocol, bid requirements, so we are jumping through all the hoops we need to,” tells Zeller.

The project will cost an estimated $76,000, Zeller explains, and will take approximately 45 working days to complete. Commissioners believe they are on the right track to have this issue completed by the end of September.

The state of Texas has given them until December to get their jail standards to compliance.

“So that fits in with the timeline we have established and the timeline we communicated to the state commission of jail standards. So we are well within our timeline still and doing what we need to do to get the problem fixed,” declares Zeller.

Gerloff Incorporated will start work from July 8th to August 23rd.