Victoria County Holds Party Conventions

VICTORIA – The Victoria County Republican and Democratic parties held their county conventions on Saturday. The conventions are held to prepare for the state conventions later in the year.

Dozens of Victoria county residents attended their respective conventions to make sure their voice was heard.

“Basically it says what we as a county, we as individuals, think are important and how we want to be represented,” said J.R. Burns, who attended the county republican convention.

There are two main purposes to each party’s convention: to elect delegates and come up with resolutions.

“We vote on our slate of delegates that we will send to represent our community at the state convention,” said Michael Cloud, county chair for the Victoria County Republican Party. “Then we also send forth a list of resolutions that, along with the other counties, get compiled and become our state party platform.”

The county republican party passed 14 resolutions and elected 40 delegates. The democratic party passed five resolutions, with one going to the state level, and elected 22 delegates.

“We had a nice turnout,” said Cris Gonzalez, county chair for the Victoria County Democratic Party. “It was a nice civil event, nothing happened, everything was organized, and there were no discussions. We like both of our candidates, so we’re good to go.”

Both conventions ultimately came down to making sure Victoria will be represented when it comes to Texas.

“It’s a grass-roots level, regardless of what people think on a national level of politics,” said Burns. “It all starts here in the grass roots.”

The State Republican Convention will be in Dallas on May 12-14, and the State Democratic Convention will be in San Antonio on June 16-18.