Victoria County Health Department Discusses the Coronavirus

There is a certain amount of confusion about preventative measures, especially for those who are at risk.

Brittney Burgess, staff epidemiologist with the Victoria County Health Department, clears up some possible misconceptions.

“Everybody can get the virus, its a virus, but predominately someone over the age of 60, or with a weakened immune supressing condition is at risk, so diabities, cardiovascular disease, other lung diseases, thats going to put them in a higher risk or getting a severe reactive illness to this one….which is concerning, we want those people to have these risk factors to take these additional precautions to protect their health. The same thing they are doing for the flu you do those things……. if you do not have a flu shot…its not to late for that….I highly recommend that,” said Burgess.

In addition to these tactics, she recommends following orders from your doctor if you are feeling even the slightest bit ill.