Victoria County finalizes annual budget prioritizing public safety

The final motion to approve the 2020 Victoria County budget was made Monday morning, meaning salary changes for some.
After a short meeting, the finalized county budget is on the table.

A unanimous vote, 5 in favor of passing the budget after months of building and revisiting numbers.

“There’s always more needs and wants then what we have. New money to allocate, but what we did this year is prioritizes public safety.” explains County Judge Ben Zeller.

New salaries for law enforcement, specifically licensed peace officers will reflect a $1-$3 raise, this adds an average of up to $4,500 total pay raise.

“Public safety is one of the primary reasons that counties even exists we need to be equally proactive making sure our law enforcement officers are appropriately compensated.” says Zeller.

A major reason for prioritizing this matter is in hopes of recruiting and retaining officials in those positions.

“It just comes down to prioritizing, which in many cases is difficult, but our commissioners court put in a lot of time and effort, but at the end of the day, I think we made the right choices.” say Zeller.