Victoria County election results for state income tax amendment

Election results are in and some propositions passed, others didn’t – I spoke with Crossroads residents and the Victoria County Elections Administrator about what propositions stood out and drew voters to the polls.

Among the highest number of votes received in Victoria County – Proposition 4 – had 3,908 voters cast their ballots – with 81.12 percent approval in Victoria County and 70.4 percent across the state.

Proposition 4 was about shielding the state from the possibility of implementing a state income tax. Instead of a majority vote, legislatures would need two-thirds approval to introduce such a change.

Margetta Hill, Victoria County Elections Administrator says the voter turnout was better than anticipated – mainly because of Proposition 4.

“Right now we don’t have a state income tax in Texas so therefore, nobody wants to pay more taxes,” Hill said.

James Villafranca, a retired plant worker, said although he does not support having a state income tax, he does think there needs to be some other way to fund education. Other states, like Minnesota and Wisconsin, use state income tax to fund education.

“As a property owner I bare more of brunt supporting the education system here in Victoria, Texas, however not everybody is a property owner, so I have mixed feelings about property owners covering most of that tax,” Villafranca said. “I’m a big proponent of education, and to move forward we need to make sure everyone is able to support our education system.”

In Victoria County – voter turnout was 7.22 percent – which means 3,962 out of 54,898 registered voters showed up at the polls Tuesday.

Angela Weaver, a board member part of the Victoria Fine Arts Association, says Proposition 4 was definitely what drew her to polls, and she was surprised that more didn’t show.

“You know a lot of people just aren’t involved and don’t pay attention to what’s going on,” Weaver said. “I did pass somebody as I was going into the election polling place that said, ‘I didn’t even know we were voting today.’ So I was like yeah, you kind of need to pay attention to those things.”