Victoria County elect Commissioner to Judge Pro Tem role

The VIctoria County Commissioners have voted to elect Commissioner Kevin Janak as the new County Judge Pro Tem for 2019.

Commissioner Janak was voted in as new Judge Pro Tem by his fellow commissioners and County Judge Ben Zeller. Janak will serve as County Judge on a temporary basis whenever Judge Zeller is out or unavailable to fulfill his duties to the county this year.

Zeller says Commissioner Janak is more than qualified to fill this important county role.

“Commissioner Janak’s been on the court a long time; knows a lot of the issues that we’re working through. He and I work very well together so, this is a good decision and, like I say, it just sets the stage for a very productive year ahead.”

Janak replaces Commissioner Clint Ives as acting County Judge Pro Tem, who served in the role throughout 2018.