Victoria County earn big victory in sewage sludge dumping dispute

Victoria County received a big win in their pending two year long case against Beneficial Land Management over their dispute on sewer sludge being dumped near Arenosa Creek.

“I mean, it would probably be a good thing that they’re not dumping their waste here and seeping into the water for sure.”

That was Louis Carriere, from Inez, TX, reacting to the news that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has denied the renewal of an experimental license allowing the company to dump sewer sludge waste on their land, which was seeping into the Arenosa Creek. Commissioner Clint Ives also said that, due to the ruling, the company has begun conversations with Victoria County, in the hopes of resolving the dumping issue and avoiding going to a contested case.

“Getting that phone call from the other side’s attorney’s that ‘hey we’re kind of out of gas. We need to sit down and talk before we get into a contested case hearing’ in the hopes that Victoria County drop our contested case hearing is very good news for Victoria County” Commissioner Ives explained.

Victoria County believes that the two parties can come to an agreement and avoid going to trial, potentially saving Victoria taxpayers thousands, if not millions, of dollars in legal fees and expenses.