Victoria County early voting Sunday

Sunday's early voting numbers

VICTORIA, Texas – Early voting continues until Friday, Feb. 25. Overall, there are 55,673 registered voters in the county. According to the numbers from this past Sunday, Feb. 20, only 2,178 people voted early. While only 3.9 percent votes have been cast, there are still three more days left until election day.

Elections Administrator Margetta Hill says mail-in ballots are not as confusing as people assume. Mail in ballots arrive in a green envelope with two additional envelopes inside. The ballot envelope that you put your ballot inside once you are finished voting and a carrier envelope to place in the filled out ballot.

“The ballot comes in this envelope with all the forms. You have your envelope that you put your ballot in once you finish voting. You have your envelope that you put the ballot envelope in and that’s the one where it calls for the drivers license and your social,” said Hill.

So far 1,795 people already voted in person and 383 mail in ballots have been returned since Sunday, Feb. 20. Early voting continues on this week.