Victoria County Discussing Future of Elections Office

Victoria County along with other counties are re-grouping after last year’s general election and looking toward the next set of elections that will be held and without the former Elections Administrator George Matthews and the work he did some are wondering what’s next?

“We have a lot of questions and a lot of things happen at the spur of the moment and he was unflappable and a great resource to me,” Posey said.

Both the Victoria County Democratic and Republican parties are keeping close to the decision making of what will become of the elections administrative office.

“There is no doubt that a job that was created 24 years ago needs to be reviewed for efficiency and personnel,” Tally said.

Democratic Party Chair Pat Tally says she is in favor of hiring someone new to replace George Matthews.

“As of this moment I’ve seen absolutely no reason to divide up all the responsibilities and hand them out to different people that work for the county,” Tally said.

Micheal Cloud, the Chair of the Victoria County GOP, says he hopes County Commissioners research options and then come up with a solution.

“Anytime you have an opening like this there are always opportunities to see if you can tweak the process and bring some efficiencies to it I do think the election administrator has provided a good continuity in the election process for our community,” Cloud said.