Victoria County Democratic Chair shares thoughts on proposed constitutional amendments

All proposed Texas Constitutional Amendments passed

VICTORIA, Texas – This year’s election featured eight constitutional amendments on the ballot, covering a range of topics.

All eight proposed Texas Constitutional amendments will impact Texas in some way, but there are a few in particular that will have a great impact on the Victoria community.

  1. Proposition Two – Development / PASSED – this amendment would allow counties to finance the development of undeveloped, unproductive or underserved areas through bonds. Currently, cities are authorized to call such bonds but not counties.
  2. Proposition Three – Religious Services / PASSED – this amendment will bar all governmental entities in Texas from adopting any rule that limits or prohibits religious services.

Victoria County Democratic Chair, Woodrow Wilson Wagner, shares his thoughts on Proposition Three.

“I don’t think that it takes away from my spirituality or whatever else I think it’s protecting me and keeping me safe so I can maybe go to church the next week, I don’t see it as imposing some kind of restriction on me as much as I do as help to keep me safe, is what I’m trying to say,” says Wagner.

Republican authors of Proposition Three say the amendment strengthens constitutional protections for Texas churches.

“In both times of calm and in times of crisis, we shouldn’t limit the church.”

Wagner also spoke on Proposition Two, saying if cities and towns can issue bonds to develop local infrastructure then counties should also have the same ability.