Victoria County COVID-19


VICTORIA,Texas–Area leaders met at the office of Emergency Management on Friday afternoon, they say they have been on top of the COVID-19 scare for about a month.

“COVID-19 is the a version of the corona virus its a different strain proven to cause illness in people its pandemic now the World Health Organization. It’s something that’s not been described in our area but it’s coming, said Dr. John McNeill.

Both hospitals in Victoria will restrict visitors to one visitor, per patient, per day. Patients will be screened at both hospitals. Visitors will be screened as well. Workers at the hospital are constantly screened. Patients who believe they may have symptoms of corona virus should try to call the ER ahead of time.

“Right now we recommend vigilance and recommend regular hygiene and a

voiding large groups of people and stay away from sick people. If they are sick make sure they seek help so that if they make criteria they may be tested, continued McNeill.

The county will have daily briefings like this to keep the public up to date. There are no cases reported in Victoria right now. The county is also temporarily suspending family visitation at the Victoria county jail. Attorneys can still visit inmates but will be screened prior to entry.