Victoria County COVID-19 with six confirmed cases

VICTORIA,Texas–As of March 29, there are 6 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Area leaders state that there is no curfew or stay at home order in place at this moment.

“The mayor and I have the strong preference of seeking the cooperation of responsible people rather than issuing and forcing mandates,” said Victoria county judge Ben Zeller.

There are reports of some individuals throwing barbecues and house parties of more than 10 people.  Area leaders are prepared to strengthen local orders base on new needs, but whether initial steps are implemented in the coming days, such as curfew or further limitations in activities that depends on the entire community being responsible.

 “We all do our part and take personal responsibility and most of our residents are doing that and to that large majority I say thank you,” continued Zeller.

 Knowing how many positives tests turn up is relative to the number of negative tests roughly 350 tests in Victoria have been done and 6 are confirmed positive.

 “We are making progress in making great strides in getting those numbers getting that data,” added Zeller.

 Area leaders agree a moderate community transmissions is the threshold of placing a stay at home order. That detailed information of each case and patient is taken into consideration. Law officials will join the press briefing early this week.