Victoria County COVID-19 Vaccine Mega-Hub

3,000 Moderna first dose vaccines scheduled to be administered

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The latest Victoria County COVID-19 vaccine first dose mega-hub happened today. Will it be the last one?

3,000 Moderna vaccines were available to be administered. But as of noon time today, David Gonzales of the Victoria County Public Health Department told us about 2,700 had signed up, and that they had emptied the wait list. Gonzales told us they expected more sign-ups since the vaccines are now open to all Texas adults. Gonzales said the health department is getting plenty of COVID-19 vaccines from the state. Gonzales said that the mega-hub is just one way the health department is getting the vaccines to Victoria County residents, and that they are getting close to the point of saturation of vaccines in the county. Gonzales said they will have a second dose mega-hub next Tuesday, but that they are re-evaluating having a first dose clinic next Thursday.