Victoria County Commissioners to discuss Mental Health Awareness month and the Border Crisis

Other agenda items include road improvement projects and budget amendments

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria County Commissioners are meeting Monday to proclaim May 2021 as Mental Health Awareness month and also discuss the ongoing border crisis.

May was designated as National Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949 by the United States Congress due to the increased number of veterans suffering from mental illnesses after returning from World War II.

Victoria County is joining in on the observation.

They’re also reviewing Governor Abbott’s letter Monday to county judges requesting a report on the financial impact caused by the border crisis.

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller says it’s important to consider mental health issues

“In May, one of those things is mental health awareness month, mental health challenges and issues have been front and center over the past year with the pandemic. In response to that letter, we are providing a resolution of support for reimbursement from the federal government but in that resolution, we also note that this isn’t exclusively or even primarily a financial issue. The human trafficking issue is taking a huge toll on the public feelings of safety and human life. This is a humanitarian issue and one that we support by using every available resource needed to combat it. This is wrong and a problem on many many levels and it needs the attention and response that is due, ” said Zeller.

County Commissioners will also discuss road improvement projects and budget amendments during Monday’s meeting