Victoria County Commissioners prepare to wrap up 2019 business

As 2019 comes to an end, Victoria county leaders are set to make some significant decisions before closing out the year.

Next week will mark the last official business meeting, lined up with a busy agenda.

“It will be our final meeting of the year, we are going to have a public hearing regarding the game room ordinance and actually work in implementing that ordinance.” explains County Judge Ben Zeller.

The topic of game rooms has captured much attention this year, and commissioners are preparing for a final vote.

“If approved, that ordinance will prohibit game rooms within city limits and also have additional guidelines outside the city limits.” adds Zeller.

Another major point of discussion will be the anticipated presentation involving insurance invoice claims for the county after Hurricane Harvey, a point of criticism from various department heads.

“Anybody with an opinion one way or the other about that is welcome to attend and that will be in addition to a lot of other business that we’ll be wrapping at years end.” adds Zeller.

The meeting will be Monday, December 16th at 10 AM.