Victoria County Commissioners discuss county audit

The Victoria County Commissioners reviewed an outside audit to see how the county was performing financially. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson has the story. The report reveled the county is 13 million dollars in debt but its not related to Hurricane Harvey.
The natural disaster still affected the county funds. “We still have several million dollars in payments we are waiting on from FEMA and insurance. However that is not going to have any effect on our operations,” says Ben Zeller, County Judge.. County Judge Ben Zeller says the debt is from refinancing county projects. Zeller believes even though the county is in debt it wont affect the tax rate. “Its not going to impact our budget performance, its not going to impact our tax rate,” tells Zeller. This means the taxes wont go up for the tax paying citizens. Zeller plans to keep budget performance on track by conservative spending. “And affirms our commitment to conservative fiscal practices, low debt, a health reserve fund,” adds Zeller Next week when he presents the 2019 budget to commissioners, Zeller believes the fiscal practices put in place now will lead to positive results in the future.