Victoria County Commissioner Precinct Two Race

Four candidates are in the running for the Precinct Two seat

VICTORIA, Texas – The race for the Victoria County Commissioner Precinct 2 seat is in full swing as election day comes closer.

The four candidates running are incumbent Kevin Janak, Zed Stewart, Jason Ohrt and Jeanette Valdez,

All four candidates share a business and financial background and they’re looking to use their expertise in the office.

Candidate Zed Stewart says he wants to help with the county budget wisely.

“Just because there’s money there to spend, doesn’t mean you have to spend it. People have a real easy time, typically, spending someone else’s money. Whenever you treat that money like its yours, you hold on to it.. a little bit better. As a public servant, not a public leader, or anything like that. It’s a servant’s job and as a public servant, you’re here to serve the public, ” says Stewart.

Candidate Jason Ohrt says several issues have come up on the campaign trail including drainage system issues, taxes and other county services.

“So drainage, taxes and other things like infrastructure such as the airport.  There are buildings at the airport that need to be demolished and taken care of. I would say those are the three things mainly with the top two being drainage and taxes,” says Ohrt.

Candidate Jeanette Valdez says she wants to flatten the property tax rate and invest in roads. She says good roads can generate revenue.

We’re still waiting to hear back from the office of Kevin Janak, it appears all candidates want to invest in county infrastructure to make things better for future generations.