Victoria County Commissioner Precinct Two race heads to run-off

Jason Ohrt leads the race with Incumbent Kevin Janak following behind

VICTORIA, Texas – The race for Victoria County Commissioner is heading into a run-off election.

Jason Ohrt currently leads the race with 47% of the total votes. Incumbent Kevin Janak followed with 43% of the total vote. Neither candidate received 50% of the vote which sends this race into a run-off.

Both candidates say they’re looking forward to a run-off election. Janak said his first election, back in 2007, went into a run-off election, so he’s no stranger to run-off elections. This is Ohrt’s first time running for public office, and he is excited to keep the race going into a run-off election.

The run-off will be on Tuesday, May 24th.

Here are the current numbers at this time.

Monday, March 1, 2022 at 10:30 p.m.:

Kevin Janak – 1,698 votes – 43.57%

Zed Stewart – 211 votes – 5.41%

Jason Ohrt – 1,868 votes – 47.93%

Jeanette Valdez – 120 votes – 3.08%

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